7 Best Retractable Baton For Self Defense

If you’re interested in your personal safety, a good-quality retractable baton might be just what you need. These compact, easy-to-carry devices can provide a solid line of defense in uncertain situations. Whether walking home late at night or exploring the great outdoors, a reliable expandable baton can give you peace of mind. To help you make an informed choice, we have compiled a list of the seven best retractable batons for self-defense. Each selection has been carefully evaluated based on quality, durability, comfort, and ease of use.

  1. Streetwise™ Expandable 19″ Led Stun Gun Baton
  2. Asp® Protector Friction Loc Expandable Clip-On Baton 16″
  3. Streetwise™ Dark Knight Expandable Baton W/ Glass Breaker 26″
  4. Asp® Talon Infinity Black Chrome Foam Button Expandable Baton 24″
  5. Rothco® Solid Steel Expandable Baton W/ Nylon Holster 26″
  6. Police Force Tactical Automatic Expandable Steel Baton 21″
  7. Safety Tech Expandable Black Steel Baton 21″

Before we delve into the specifics, remember that using a baton requires knowledge and responsibility. Understanding how to effectively and safely use such a device without causing unnecessary harm is important. Now let’s explore these top seven options to find the perfect retractable baton for your self-defense needs.

1. Streetwise™ Expandable 19″ Led Stun Gun Baton

Streetwise™ Expandable 19" Led Stun Gun Baton

If you’re searching for a combination of classic and modern functionalities in a self-defense tool, the Streetwise™ Expandable 19″ Led Stun Gun Baton is where your search ends. It’s unassuming, extremely portable, and very effective – making it a perfect companion for self-defense.

Overall Design and Quality

This baton comes with an overall length of 19 inches upon full expansion, ensuring you keep a safe distance from any potential attacker. Wrapped in high-quality rubber material, the baton handle is easy to grip and comfortable in hand, lowering the chances of it slipping at that critical moment of self-defense.

Expandable Feature and Stun Gun

The baton offers a quick, one-touch expansion – adding an element of surprise to your defense strategy. To add to its efficacy, this baton also doubles as a stun gun. Imagine the surprise on the face of your attacker when they experience the high-power electric shock this device can deliver.

LED Flashlight

Versatility is the name of the game with the Streetwise™ Expandable Baton. Its built-in LED flashlight enhances your visibility at night, helping you avoid potential danger spots. It’s not just a self-defense tool, it’s a handy device to have on your late-night strolls or even during power outages at home.


Pros Cons
Easy to use and expand May require practice to fully utilize the stun gun feature
Powerful built-in stun gun 19″ full length might be bulky for some users
Durable, quality build Heavier compared to other batons
Comes with an LED flashlight

If you’re looking for an effective, multifunctional self-defense tool, the Streetwise™ Expandable 19″ Led Stun Gun Baton is an excellent choice. Its premium build quality, easy expansion, effective stun-gun, and bonus flashlight feature make it a great tool in any self-defense arsenal.

2. Asp® Protector Friction Loc Expandable Clip-On Baton 16″

Asp® Protector Friction Loc Expandable Clip-On Baton

The Asp® Protector Friction Loc Expandable Clip-On Baton 16″ is designed with the user’s comfort and ease of use in mind. It features a high-quality, durable construction that can withstand even the most rigorous of uses. This particular model is crafted from an alloy known for its strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. The grip is artistically made from foam vinyl that not only ensures a secure hold during usage but also provides added comfort.

Expandable Feature

What sets the Asp® Protector apart from others on the market is its unique expandable feature. At a closed length of approximately 6.2″, it opens up to a full 16 inches with a simple flick of your wrist. This swift action allows you to increase the baton’s size quickly and can provide you with the upper hand in any self-defense scenario. Due to its friction lock design, it confidently stays in place until you are ready to retract it, making its usage reliable and safe.

Clip-On Feature

What makes this model distinctive is its clip-on feature. As the name suggests, this baton comes with a clip that allows you to easily attach it to your belt or pocket. This gives you quick and convenient access to your baton when you need to use it. The clip is designed to be strong and durable, ensuring your baton stays securely in place even during vigorous activity.


A critical analysis of the Asp® Protector baton reveals the following pros and cons:

Pros Cons
High-quality, durable construction Can be difficult to retract for beginners
Comfortable Foam Vinyl grip A bit pricy compared to similar models
Quick and easy expandability Heavy for some users
Versatile clip-on feature

In conclusion, the Asp® Protector Friction Loc Expandable Clip-On Baton 16″ is a superior piece of safety equipment that combines quality, functionality, and convenience. Despite some minor drawbacks, it’s an excellent option to consider if you’re looking for the best retractable baton for self-defense.

3. Streetwise™ Dark Knight Expandable Baton W/ Glass Breaker 26″

Dark Knight Expandable Baton

Streetwise™ offers a range of formidable self-defense tools and their Dark Knight Expandable Baton with Glass Breaker stands out as a top choice to consider in your pursuit of personal protection. This particular piece of defense gear holds many useful features, marrying durability with usability quite remarkably.

Overall Design and Quality

The Dark Knight Expandable Baton takes key points from both modern and traditional design elements to deliver a tool that balances robustness, portability, and functionality. Made from strengthened steel, this baton promises to withstand high-intensity clashes. It is coated with a soft foam grip to provide comfort while ensuring a firm and non-slip hold. With a closed length of 10″, it can conveniently be stored in most carriers and extends to a full length of 26″ when deployed.

Expandable Feature and Glass Breaker

The expandable nature of the Dark Knight Baton makes it a small and lightweight tool that can easily be carried in a purse or bag. Upon flicking your wrist, it expands from 10″ to an imposing 26″ instantly. The telescopic action, while fascinating, is not its only highlight. The device also boasts an integrated carbide glass breaker. This tip can smash through glass effortlessly and swiftly, making it incredibly helpful in emergencies such as when needing to break a car window for escape.



  • Expandability for easy storage and intimidating deployment
  • Durable steel construction paired with a soft foam grip
  • Features an integrated carbide glass breaker and LED flashlight


  • At 26″, the fully expanded length might be unwieldy to some users
  • The LED flashlight may require regular battery changes
  • Not the most affordable option

Overall, the Streetwise™ Dark Knight Expandable Baton with Glass Breaker offers a solid mix of durability, functionality, and additional features. If you’re searching for a piece of defense gear that offers a bit more than just physical protection, then this might be worth your consideration.

4. Asp® Talon Infinity Black Chrome Foam Button Expandable Baton 24″

Overall Design and Quality

The ASP® Talon Infinity Black Chrome Batman Expandable Baton 24″ is a wonderful blend of strength, functionality, and striking aesthetic appeal. This baton is known for its high-grade material, crafted from 4140 high carbon steel which is renowned for its toughness and resilience. And that’s not all, the foam grip handle ensures a firm, non-slip hold even during high-stress situations. Furthermore, this model benefits from a sleek, black chrome finish which not only adds to its visual prowess but also offers excellent resistance to rust and wear.

Expandable Feature

Flick it with your wrist – a phrase often associated with this amazing piece of tool, thanks to its quick deploy system. The expandable feature uses a Disc Loc system that ensures the baton deploys quickly and locks securely into place. This advanced locking system enhances user safety, creating a reliable and sound extension that stands its ground during confrontations. What’s more, closing the baton is a snap too. Push the button on the base and apply pressure, the baton collapses readily, making it user-friendly.

Foam Button

The main feature that sets this model apart from others is its unique foam button. Not only does it provide a comfortable and secure grip but also acts as a tactical advantage during usage. Given this, you’ll have a tight grip on your baton even when your hands are wet or sweaty.


The ASP® Talon boasts several advantages like its durable construction, quick deployment, secure locking system, and comfortable grip. However, it’s worth mentioning that this quality comes at a price – it’s one of the more expensive batons on the market. Some users have also reported that the foam button can wear out over time.

  • Pros:
    1. Durable high-carbon steel construction
    2. Quick deployment and secure locking
    3. Comfortable, non-slip foam button grip
  • Cons:
    1. Higher price tag
    2. Foam button can wear out with repeated use

5. Rothco® Solid Steel Expandable Baton W/ Nylon Holster 26″

Rothco® Solid Steel Expandable Baton

Overall Design and Quality

The Rothco® solid steel expandable baton certainly raises the standards in terms of sturdy self-defense tools. Its 26″ length provides superior range while its solid steel construction promises unmatchable durability. Engineered to last, its sleek design ensures a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability for you whether you’re a beginner or an expert in self-defense.

Expandable Feature

This baton doesn’t only guarantee robustness, it also offers convenience with its expandable feature. Just a swift movement of your wrist and this baton extends to its full 26” length, providing more reach and power. When you’re done, it easily retracts back to a compact size. This feature not only provides the element of surprise to potential attackers but also enhances portability, making it easy to carry around.

Nylon Holster

Adding to its portability is the accompanying nylon holster. This high-quality, strong holster provides an easy, secure, and hands-free carrying option. The holster attaches to your belt, ensuring quick access when you need it. It’s made from a solid material that can withstand the rigors of daily usage, just like the baton it holds so efficiently.


Pros Cons
Strong and durable with a superior solid steel construction May feel heavy due to solid steel make
Expandable, adding to its versatility and surprise factor Retraction may require some practice
Comes with a high-quality nylon holster, offering convenient carry The holster may not fit all belt sizes


6. Police Force Tactical Automatic Expandable Steel Baton 21″

Design and Build

The compact nature of this baton, initially sitting at just 9.5 inches, ensures easy storage in pockets or purses, eliminating the need to carry more cumbersome tools. With a mere button push, it extends swiftly to 21 inches, offering a considerable reach advantage. Crafted from high-quality solid steel, this baton promises durability and sturdiness.

Features and Usability

One standout feature of this baton is its automatic expansion mechanism, which ensures immediate readiness in times of need. The built-in safety switch is another thoughtful addition, preventing any unintentional deployments. The tail-end window breaker can be a lifesaver during vehicular emergencies, making this baton multi-functional.

For users concerned about grip, the baton boasts a superior non-slip rubber handle. The inclusion of a nylon holster provides added convenience, ensuring the baton remains accessible during patrols or regular walks.


Pros Cons
Automatic, quick expansion Retraction might be a bit challenging
Compact and portable design The handle could be more grippy for some users
Multi-functional with window breaker Manual retraction can be a learning curve
Durable steel construction

User Feedback

Users, including those in professional security and law enforcement roles, have praised the baton’s ease of deployment. Its robustness and sturdiness seem to resonate well among buyers. However, some users have expressed that retracting the baton can be slightly challenging and might require some practice. Suggestions for a tutorial or video demonstration have been mentioned to aid new users.

7. Safety Tech Expandable Black Steel Baton 21″

Safety Tech introduces a versatile addition to personal defense tools with its Expandable Black Steel Baton that measures up to 21 inches. Designed with a blend of style, convenience, and practicality, it ensures both intimidation and functionality.

Design and Quality

The baton, when fully extended, reaches 21 inches, offering users a significant reach advantage. However, what’s truly impressive is its compactness when retracted. At just 8 inches in its closed state, it boasts portability. The baton’s steel exterior, polished with a sleek black finish, not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but also ensures durability. It feels solid and promises longevity.

Grip and Handle

When it comes to defense tools, a secure grip is paramount. The rubber handle, adorned with diamond-shaped grooves, has been meticulously designed to ensure that users can hold onto the baton firmly, even under duress.

Usability and Portability

The expandable feature of the baton is a standout. With a simple flick of the wrist, it extends swiftly, and for retracting, a downward strike on a hard surface will do the trick. Its accompanying nylon holster, although basic, offers the convenience of wearing it on a belt, ensuring the baton is within arm’s reach at all times.


Pros Cons
Quick and easy to expand and retract Holster quality might not meet everyone’s standards
Compact and portable design Can be a bit heavy for some users
Durable steel construction with sleek finish Overenthusiastic opening can make it hard to retract
Exceptional grip with rubber handle

User Feedback

Most users seem to appreciate the build quality of the baton. Its weight, although signifying sturdiness to some, might be a tad heavy for others. The holster, while functional, could benefit from a quality upgrade. However, the overall consensus leans positively, especially praising the baton’s grip and ease of use.


In conclusion, the decision of which expandable baton to choose for self-defense can vary significantly depending on the individual needs and preferences. All the seven batons mentioned above have unique features offering something different to users. However, several crucial aspects should always be considered before settling on a particular model.

Important factors to consider include the overall design and quality, expandability, additional features such as LED flashlights, glass breaker, foam button, or clip-on and holster options, closed size, as well as the pros and cons of each.

For instance, if you require a baton with a bit of technological advancement, the Streetwise models with an LED flashlight or a stun gun may come in handy, whereas the Asp models provide an excellent balance between quality and ease of use with their friction loc and foam button features.

The Rothco baton stands out for its solid construction and comes with a handy nylon holster. Besides, the Safety Tech baton’s compact closed size can be a huge advantage for those who desire more portability.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Before you make your choice, always consider what your specific needs are in terms of size, weight, additional features, and overall intuitiveness of the design. The most important thing is that you feel confident and secure with the baton in your hand, ready to protect yourself when the need arises.

Remember, owning a self-defense tool is about taking charge of your own safety. It’s not just about having a gadget at your disposal, but also empowering yourself to comfortably stand your ground in any situation. So choose wisely, and stay safe!